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Good guesses, bad calls

So now that the Mets have announced their final cuts, I get to pat myself on the back for getting 24 of the 25 men right (yes, I know 20 or so were givens, but 24 for 25 sounds much better). I was right on the Matt Wise and Brady Clark calls, though I expected Duaner Sanchez to make the team. Joe Smith will fill his slot, as Sanchez was placed on the 15-day DL, retroactive to March 27, as the Mets hope he can strengthen his arm a bit more.


But in the “what are they thinking” department, the Mets waived Ruben Gotay, who was then claimed by the Atlanta Braves. Positively stupid maneuver. Gotay has a good bat, and his defensive deficiencies are clear but in a bench player not the key to making a roster move like this. You need roster depth, and though out of options Gotay could have been placed on the DL with his ankle injury. To just give this kid away makes no sense, particularly when I hear the team liked Fernando Tatis…FERNANDO TATIS…better. That’s crack-addict dillusional right there.


The alleged explanation for Gotay leaving is that the Mets need a righthanded stick off the bench, and Gotay doesn’t provide that because, though a switch hitter, he’s terrible righty. But the mad dash for a right-handed bat off the bench was a known quantity with this team for a long time…to suddenly panic about it at the end of spring shows that Minaya dropped the ball leading to this point. This isn’t saying Gotay is an all-star by any means, but he’s useful, and you don’t surrender useful for nothing.


Back later with season predictions.