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Yes, I’m “The Roster Guy”

Got an e-mail from a reader yesterday asking me if I am the same GForce who created popular rosters for baseball video games. Yes, I am THAT GForce (or GForce22, depending where you found me).

For those wondering what the heck I’m talking about, I used to create the leading roster modifications for several baseball video games. I first brought my roster project, called TotalMinors, to High Heat Baseball, because the game came out with a AAA and AA minor league system, a first in the non-text video game category. But those guys would all have fake names, so what was the point. But as a baseball fanatic, stathead and passionate researcher, I developed my own ratings system to project minor leaguers (and reevaluate major leaguers), and what resulted was a full baseball universe that came to be known as TotalMinors.

I moved on to become the official roster developer for Out of the Park Baseball, a stat-based text simulator that basically lets you run an entire franchise, league or baseball universe. The game is simply outstanding, and I encourage any real baseball fan who wants to go beyond the button mashing of standard XBox/Playstation baseball games to give this one a look.

I went from there to bring TotalMinors to EA Sports’ MVP Baseball series, and was credited by many with making the game for them because of my project, as well as deciphering workarounds for several glitches in the ratings/performance mechanism of the game.

Now, married with 3 kids, I don’t have the time to handle rosters for Opening Day, at least not without being paid. So now I do Alltime roster projects such as my Franchise Stars project, which will be released for OOTP sometime in the next month. Its previous versions have been received very well, as fans love getting to play with MLB, AAA and AA rosters of their respective franchise’s alltime best players.

With the regular season upon us, I am going to try and get a blog schedule going here, with daily Mets game reports, but also different items each day, be it minor leagues, baseball history, sabermetrics, and even a baseball fiction story I’ve been working on. 

More on this to come this week when I figure out my schedule. Hopefully, you’ll stick around. I love the writing, and the interaction. It’s a beautiful game…so let’s share it.