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Can’t stay away…

I started this blog with the best of intentions back in March. I planned to be dedicated, writing daily on a variety of things. Different themes each day, centered on my Mets but discussing baseball as a whole. Then the site changed, there were some issues. Then it seemed they were more focused on promoting celebrity know-nothings like Alyssa Milano and player blogs than those written by the fans, which is what I originally thought the site was to be about. I was bothered, and as I began to have more work responsibilities and less free time, those things made it an easier decision to cast this aside.

I thought about writing during early season struggles. I thought about writing when Willie was fired. I’ve thought an awful lot about writing about sports media idiocy, but I might blow out the bandwidth with that one. I’ve thought about writing about the fans knee-jerk reactions, but the big vein in my forehead would explode.


I don’t write this as though I think I’ve been missed…I’m a small blip on this radar screen. It’s just to explain why it’s been three months since my last post. So why now?


Last night’s debacle against the Phillies was gut wrenching. But the pain of watching Johan Santana throw 8 great innings only to be done in by a bullpen allowing 6 runs in the 9th has only been exacerbated by the completely asinine blame directed toward SANTANA, of all people, for not pitching the 9th.


And that, is 100 percent pure idiocy. I hear nonsense about how Santana should be “demanding” ball…that hasn’t happened in 30 years, and most of those tales are fabrication. The fact is that the game is handled differently now. You may not like the 100-pitch limit, but virtually everyone adheres to it 95% of the time.

But besides that, you can’t have it both ways. Fans cry about Reyes fighting Manuel to stay in a game, then turn around and gripe about Santana NOT fighting him. These people have no idea what the heck they’re even saying.

Third, they were up by three runs. A bullpen should be able to hold that. The critics MIGHT have a bit of an argument were this a 3-2 game. But if you don’t believe your entire bullpen can get 3 outs before giving up 3 runs, then the trade deadline focus needs to be the bullpen.


What it all comes down to, of course, is money. Fans resent the money these guys get. It’s why Carlos Beltran can never do well enough for them, why Johan Santana will always be a failure here no matter what he does, and why A-Rod has been so drastically underappreciated in the Bronx.


It also comes down to people being, quite honestly, ignorant. Take, for example, the dopes who cry about “bring me the 60s, when those guys threw complete games all the time…these guys are wusses.” Well hell, if we’re using that logic, aren’t those guys in the 60s “wusses” because they weren’t throwing 350 innings like Christy Mathewson did, who didn’t throw 400 innings like Cy Young did, who didn’t throw 600 innings like Tim Keefe did (1886…68 games, 68 starts, 68 complete games, 619 innings).

The game changes…the game evolves. At some point, if we’re lucky, sportswriters and the general fan base will as well.