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Exhibit C…almost

Well, the Mets tried to strand the bases loaded again, but a botched double play ball opened the floodgates instead…up 6-1 in the third.




Exhibit B

Second inning, bases loaded…Beltran grounds out. Seriously, if they had this kind of evidence of WMDs, we’d all be better off.

Mark it down…the Mets will leave the bases loaded at least one more time this game.



Exhibit A

I post yesterday about the Mets not putting
the hammer down when they get the chance, so what do they do?
First inning tonight, 1 run in, Kyle Kendrick can’t find home
plate with a compass, Mets load the bases but Easley grounds
out to end it. You need to capitalize in those spots, and
last year they failed repeatedly at exactly



Opening Day couldn’t have gone much better for the Mets. Johan Santana was outstanding, giving up two runs over 7 innings, striking out 8. Wright, Beltran and Reyes each get two hits, Wright drives in 3 and Ryan Church and Angel Pagan each drive in a run. Not too shabby. Sure, it’s the Marlins, but the Mets need to beat up on the bad teams and play well against the good teams. And this, for many reasons, was a nice first step. 

The Maine Event

Yes, it’s just spring training, and I’ve said previously I don’t put much stock in that, but man John Maine has looked outstanding. I’m a big fan of Johnny’s just because he’s the quiet guy who just goes out there and does his job, but he’s looking set up for a great season. Snubbed from the All-Star game last year, Maine threw a gem on the next to last day of the season that Tom Glavine obliterated the following day, but he’s come back looking in great shape and in great command. Best example of Maine’s makeup…when asked about his personal goal for the season, he didn’t give wins, Ks, an individual leaderboard item. Nope…he wants to throw 200 innings. Excellent!

Oliver Perez was smacked around by the Indians the other day, giving up 4 homers. Those are days Perez has. When he’s off, he’s WAY off. He may be more "electric" than Maine, but Maine is the #3. Perez is #4.

As for #5, we may be looking for Craig Swan, because El Duque and Mike Pelfrey seem disinterested in taking the job. Fighting for the slot, Hernandez came out against Cardinals and, without topping 85 mph, he gave up 5 runs over 3 innings of work. Pelfrey of course came out and gave up 8 runs on 13 hits in 4 1/3 innings. That Nelson Figueroa is allegedly getting some consideration for the 5-slot at this point should tell you all you need to know.

Damion Easley got some time at shortstop the other day, yet another sign Randolph really doesn’t want Anderson Hernandez on this squad. If Easley can be a capable backup for Reyes, Hernandez is destined for AAA once more.

Aaron Heilman has reportedly finally come to embrace his role in the bullpen, even counseling fellow reliever Joe Smith as far as game preparation and the like.

A fine line

There’s a fine line between confident and stupid, and I think Jimmy Rollins is crossing it. First off, let me say without a doubt the guy talked the talk but walked it and then some last year. He deserves a ton of credit for that, because he put a ton of pressure on himself. But his latest quote is simply stupid:

"That wasn’t a one-year thing," Rollins was quoted as saying in the April issue of Men’s Journal. "It’s still gonna ring true in 2008, and every year I’m with the Phillies. We’re going to win. It’s gonna come down to who wants it more, and we want to win more than the Mets do. Truthfully, I don’t worry about anybody in our division, or anybody in our league for that matter. I’m not worried about getting into the playoffs, because that part is accomplished. We’re a playoff team now. Our next goal is to win the World Series."

Let’s see:

– It’ll be true every year he’s with the Phillies. Well, you’ve been there since 2000, Jimmy. There’s not a lot of basis for this statement.

– "We want to win more than the Mets do" Huh? I guess it’s a safe statement because it’s immeasurable, so it can’t be dissected other than to point out it’s a ridiclous and baseless assertion.

– "I don’t worry about anybody in our division, or anybody in our league for that matter." I guess that includes the Rockies that swept you from the playoffs, right? Stupid, stupid, stupid.

– "I’m not worried about getting into the playoffs, because that part is accomplished. We’re a playoff team now…" No, *******, you were a playoff team last year. You don’t auotmatically get a berth the following season.

I respect Rollins a lot as a player, but he really needs to think before he speaks. I know I can’t expect every player to carry themselves with David Wright’s degree of class, but there’s a middle ground there, right?

Quick Hits 3/8

Mike Pelfrey was pretty much abused Saturday by the Marlins. Though certainly not good, it was nice to see Brian Schneider and Damion Easley back in the lineup. Both went deep, and were joined in the lineup by Ryan Church. Interesting note during the WFAN game telecast today regarding Church. Apparently, he told Randolph he wanted to play because he feels he needs to prove his worth to his teammates since coming over from Washington. While I don’t want him taking chances with his health, this kind of attitude is good to see.

During the telecast it was also mentioned that Jose Valentin could see action as early as Sunday, making incredible strides in returning from his knee injury. He wasn’t expected to play for another couple of weeks, and was seen starting the year with AAA New Orleans. If he can be at all productive, his switch hitting bat will provide some power and versatility to the bench corps.

It’s spring training, so we don’t weigh anything too heavily here, but it’s nice to see top prospect Fernando Martinez hitting .333 on the spring. Only 2 Ks as well, so he hasn’t been overmatched in the slightest. He needs seasoning, and a full year at AAA would do him good, but this kid is going to come quickly.

From elsewhere around the majors, in surprising news Mike Hampton is hurt again. He made it 3 innings into the spring this time, but now is out with a groin injury. Supposedly, it’s not serious. I wonder if his kids in those great Colorado schools ever were taught what "injury prone" means. If you’re not a Mets fan, you likely don’t get the reference…apologies.

In other injury news, Josh Beckett left before today’s spring start with back spasms.  Expect the Sox to be careful with him the rest of the spring, but he’ll start Opening Day. The Dodgers lost Adam LaRoche for at least two months with a torn thumb ligament. LaRoche was hit by a pickoff throw of all things.

If you did beyond the worthless Wally Matthews, Newsday’s Jim Baumbach offers an intriguing option for the Mets with Moises Alou out. No, it’s not Sammy Steroid. It’s Kenny Lofton. A free agent, so he’d cost them no players, just cash, Lofton hit .296 with a .367 OBP. Though he stole 23 bases, he had 21 at midseason, but the Indians didn’t run him much. He’s 40, but it wouldn’t take much to sign him, and he hasn’t posted an OBP below .346 since 2001. Not a bad idea.

Had my Fantasy Draft today…had to cut out of the live draft with 3 rounds remaining, and the evil computer gods drafted Tom Glavine for me. I’ll be ditching his gutless *** as soon as I can find a taker.