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Pedro Will Miss 4-6 Weeks

It’s just a strain, but even so, the Mets look as though they will be without Pedro for 4-6 weeks. Reportedly, he wasn’t limping today, but even so, you may as well get it 100%, particularly with Pedro.

I’ve been thinking about the injury, wondering if Pedro may have been holding back a little and that’s how he got hurt. He was touching low 90s in the spring, but last night I don’t think he topped 88. If he shortens up a bit, tries not to overthrow, he can mess up his stride and injure himself. No idea if that’s what happened, and you have to think Pedro knows himself better than anybody and wouldn’t do anything that would mess with his motion.

Nice work by Oliver Perez tonight, shutting down the Marlins as the Mets bats go wild…it’s currently 11-0. Church and Wright have homered, and Beltran had one called back on an appeal.  Nice to see them come out ripping after a disheartening loss, in more ways than one, last night.


Don’t Get Crazy…Yet!

OK, so as I’m sure most of you know by now, Pedro Martinez left his first start tonight with what’s currently being called a hamstring strain. He’ll have an MRI Wednesday.

Of course, the newspapers will be all over him; moron Wally Matthews will call him out, talk radio will be burying him and his season, and in some circles likely the Mets season as well. After all, sports media is under no requirement to be rational.

He walked down the stairs, walked through the tunnel. I don’t imagine this is anything major. If it is, it will be a big problem. But rather than shooting first and asking questions later, let’s see if this is 2-3 starts missed, or 10 starts. There’s a big difference there.

We’re two games in, folks. Keep things in perspective.