Opening up the wound

Brutal loss by the Mets in their home opener today. This isn’t about panic over a 2-4 start…panic after 6 games is absurd. But the Mets let Jamie Moyer make them look silly, faltering on several circumstances where they could have put the hammer down, and the bullpen spit the bit. Add the Delgado error (throwing a DP ball that would have halted Philly’s take-the-lead rally off Chase Utley’s back, letting 2 runs score), and it’s not just a loss but an ugly loss.

If you fear something as a Mets fan, it’s this team lacking a killer instinct. We saw a lot last year that this team refused to bury a team. They would get 2 runs in, but have the bases loaded with 0 or 1 out, and get nothing further. Right now, the bullpen and the top of the order are having a real bad time…that’s a good way to, well, start 2-4.


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